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Alfred A. In the city Aslam calls Zamana, the rule of law is a distant memory and the social order has thoroughly deteriorated.

Danger lurks everywhere: in the households and neighborhoods controlled by religious extremists and in the sky above, where drones take aim at civilians selected for execution by the American military. This apparent dystopia is, in fact, all too real. The nightmare Aslam so forcefully describes is, he suggests, a portrait of the most turbulent and painful aspects of everyday life in contemporary urban Pakistan.

As the novel opens, books are being transferred from an older library to a new structure that Massud and Nargis — a middle-aged married couple, both celebrated architects — have designed. In a truck or cart the risk was too great of something coming into contact with uncleanliness. Nargis and Massud would be walking to the nearby Grand Trunk Road to be part of a human chain, and the books would travel a mile-long succession of hands. Riding in the car is an American, who promptly whips out his gun and fires blindly into the crowd. In the ensuing chaos, Massud is shot and killed.

The Legend of Saint George

When Nargis hesitates, her visitor makes it clear that unless she complies she will be made to suffer. In fact, she is already suffering, as is nearly everyone in the novel. All the principal characters have lost loved ones to government, military or sectarian violence. Saint Thais Courtesan Saint Chrysogonus. Saints Dionysius Rusticus and Saint Catherine. Saint James the Dismembered. The Holy Maccabees. Saint Stephen Pope. Saint Hippolytus and. Saint Michael Archangel Martyrs.

Saint Jerome Saint Theodore. Saint Remy Saint Martin Bishop.

Saint Leger Saint Brice. IN DE x.

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Eamon Duffy is professor of the history of Christianity at Cambridge University. Saint Praxedes. Saints Abdon. Saint Pastor.

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