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Ellos entran apresurados. Cada una de las botellas. Pero cuando dejo ir una, Se rompe contra el suelo en frente de mi.

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Pensamiento feliz, pensamiento feliz, pensamiento feliz en trozos por todo el suelo. Pero solo escucho eco, eco, eco, eco, eco En mi cabeza. Get out of my head. Get out of Get. Get out of my head before I do what I know is best for you. Get out of my head before I listen to everything she said to me. Get out of my head before I show you how much I love you. Get out of my head before I finish writing this poem. Sal de mi cabeza.

Sal de Sal. Sal de mi cabeza antes de que haga lo que se que es mejor para ti. Sal de mi cabeza antes de que escuche todo lo que ella me dijo.

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Sal de mi cabeza antes de que te muestre lo tanto que te amo. Sal de mi cabeza antes de que termine de escribir este poema. You know what I heard about Amy? Amy likes spiders. Icky, wriggly, hairy, ugly spiders! That's why I'm not friends with her. Amy has a cute singing voice.

I heard her singing my favorite love song. Every time she sang the chorus, my heart would pound to the rhythm of the words. But she likes spiders.

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One time, I hurt my leg really bad. Amy helped me up and took me to the nurse. I tried not to let her touch me. She likes spiders, so her hands are probably gross.

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Amy has a lot of friends. I always see her talking to people. She probably talks about spiders. What if her friends start to like spiders too? It doesn't matter if she has other hobbies. It doesn't matter if she keeps it private. It doesn't matter if it doesn't hurt anyone. Amy tiene una linda voz al cantar.

Por eso no es mi amiga. Amy tiene muchos amigos. Siempre la veo hablando con gente. No importa si tiene otros hobbies.

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No importa si lo mantiene en privado. No importa si no lastima a nadie. Tomorrow will be brighter with me around But when today is dim, I can only look down. My looking is a little more forward Because you look at me. When I want to say something, I say it with a shout! But my truest feelings can never come out. My words are a little less empty Because you listen to me. When something is above me, I reach for the stars. But when I feel small, I don't get very far. My standing is a little bit taller Because you sit with me. I believe in myself with all of my heart. But what do I do when it's torn all apart?