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Ever the Method actor, though, he installed a pool table in his apartment and practiced for hours a day in the weeks leading up to filming. He got good enough to perform most of his own trick shots.

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Wanderone seized the opportunity, perhaps flattering himself into thinking Tevis really had had him in mind. He embraced the nickname and declared himself the real Minnesota Fats for the rest of his career. The popular singer had already been cast in the lead role when Newman became available. So quickly was Darin scuttled in favor of Newman that word got out before anyone had a chance to tell Darin.

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He had to hear about it secondhand , adding further insult to the ignominy of being replaced. The Hustler was shot in Cinemascope, the widescreen technique that had been in use since But it was mainly used for lavish epics and colorful musicals, not black-and-white dramas set in dingy pool halls.

It is a world in which the pool table seems the one natural shape, while human beings seem untidy intruders.

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One alternate title suggested was Stroke of Luck. In response, Rossen held a midnight screening for all the cast members of all the shows then playing on Broadway. Word-of-mouth from that prestigious group of thespians was so strong that Fox left the film intact and actually stepped up efforts to promote it.

A little stung at having lost when he was nominated for Anatomy of a Murder , and generally disdainful of the whole award-giving enterprise, Scott sent the Academy a telegram declining his Best Supporting Actor nomination for The Hustler. The Academy declined his declination, and Scott remained a nominee.

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Author Alan Casty tackles the often frustrating paradoxes of a man whose fundamentally American films possess a darkness that, upon close inspection, reveal the complex ideology of their volatile director. On the matter of Rossen naming names to HUAC, Casty is deeply probing, and challenges readers to question conventional wisdom on the very nature of the infamous proceedings.

Rossen is portrayed as a man whose restless drive to keep working, and his inexhaustible hunger for control, led him to testify, and Casty suggests that he did so with a sincere spirit to support America. It would be his next-to-last film, and while it is highly regarded by critics, its director remains but a footnote.

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Author Gwenda Young makes the case that from the silent era to the golden age, Clarence Brown deserves a place among the giants. The making of George Stevens' Texas-sized epic is recounted in Don Graham's meticulously chronicled book. Joseph McBride, who has written magisterial biographies on John Ford, Frank Capra and Steven Spielberg, has put together a collection of his journalistic work through the decades.

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For his latest excursion, Gravity , he goes spacewalking. The late Jack Shea served the Guild for nearly 50 years. Our national executive director fondly recalls his contributions—as a president and a person.

UPM Allegra Clegg enjoys the challenge of working on complicated films. Beneath her sunny demeanor is a keen negotiating sense. In sitcoms as in science, timing is everything. On The Big Bang Theory , director Mark Cendrowski carefully calculates how to make the jokes work—and has fun doing it. In fact, he borrowed some of its techniques for his latest film.

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But nostalgia aside, the climactic dance contest was a precisely directed piece of filmmaking. Director Anthony Hemingway started his career as one of the youngest ADs in Guild history, eventually helming numerous episodic shows and serving as director-producer on Treme.

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