Manual Quit Smoking For Intelligent People. The Psychology Of Quitting.

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Dar hopes that this research will help clinicians and health authorities develop more successful smoking cessation programs than those utilising nicotine patches or gum. The findings include the hypothesis that people who smoke do so for short-term benefits like oral gratification, sensory pleasure and social camaraderie.

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Dar believes that understanding smoking as a habit, not an addiction, will facilitate treatment, and that smoking cessation techniques should emphasise the psychological and behavioural aspects of the habit and not the biological aspects. The reason that this occurs is that a habit circuit has been installed in the subconscious mind, and until this habit has been addressed an individual will experience cravings, due to this hidden influence.

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The most startling discovery is that cravings disappear completely when the source of the habit is identified and nullified. The author had earlier reached the same conclusions as Dr.

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Dar based upon his own observations, and so proceeded to develop techniques effective in eliminating the compulsion to smoke. The techniques herein are designed to gradually reveal those thoughts, allowing analytical evaluation and subsequent nullification of their controlling influence.

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The bivariate association is curvilinear, not linear. The overall association between childhood intelligence and the consumption of tobacco is positive. The more intelligent they are in junior high and high school, the more tobacco they consume as young adults seven years later.

In contrast, however, the analysis of the National Child Development Study in the United Kingdom shows that, net of a large number of social and demographic variables, more intelligent British children grow up to smoke fewer cigarettes throughout their adult lives in their 20s, 30s, and 40s than less intelligent individuals. There is a clear monotonic negative association between childhood intelligence and adult tobacco consumption.

The more intelligent they are before the age of 16, the less tobacco they consume in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. There have been other studies that confirm these divergent patterns of association between general intelligence and tobacco consumption in the two countries.

These studies show that more intelligent individuals smoke more cigarettes than less intelligent individuals in the United States, but fewer cigarettes in the United Kingdom. Why is this?

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Why would childhood general intelligence have opposite effects on adult cigarette consumption in the US and the UK? I speculate about possible reasons in my next post. Back Psychology Today.

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