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Plus, Austin also has all the research facilities a professional genealogist like Lucy needs. First, I wanted Lucy to have her own version of a coffee shop or a local bar where she could have a hangout of her own.

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And since I love to eat—and because tacos rule—it made sense for Lucy to be a bit of a taco addict. It makes me incredibly proud to be a Texan for sure. If all goes well, Lucy will be delving into a World War II mystery in her next adventure, and there may or may not be an espionage element.

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What drew you to a genealogist as an amateur sleuth? What do you want to explore about ancestry? Austin is used in a colorful way. What makes it a great city to write about for you?


So when she arrives back at her office from a three-martini lunch a few sheets to the wind, it's a notable occasion. Even more momentous is what her client, Austin billionaire Gus Halloran, has announced on live television with a blotto Lucy standing at his side: Texas senator Caleb Applewhite might be responsible for the murder of Seth Halloran.

Murder Once Removed – The BOLO Books Review

Of course, Lucy is a genealogist, so the murder in question took place back in And it's possible that another nineteenth-century Texas politician may, in fact, have wielded the death blow. Lucy is determined to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who the guilty man is, but when her curiosity lands her at the scene of another murder—this time, in the present-day—she realizes that the branches of some family trees shouldn't be shaken.

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