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Aqui fica. Estamos sempre a aprender:. E se eles e o seu grupo em vez de dividirem as ofertas as forem oferecer a quem precisa, melhor ainda. Mas espanta, o espantalho.

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Sente vento de lobos e de estrelas frias. Um torpor a invade. Nessa noite longa e fria. Sai da sombra da sombra. Abre portas e gavetas,. Liberta-se de grilhetas.

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Colocada sobre a mesa. Abre olhos, nariz e boca,. That is the average share of women in metal music acts across the globe over the last forty years. In metal, it seems that women are nowhere but gender is everywhere. Why has this genre been an impenetrable fortress for female musicians and are there changes towards gender equality? Gender Inequality in Metal Music Production provides a systematic theoretical overview that helps explain this huge underrepresentation of women in metal music. Moreover, instead of focusing on individual scenes, this book provides a unique large-scale overview of women in global metal music.

By drawing from Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives and interview data, the authors empirically study the extent of gender inequality in metal music by comparing longitudinal trends and countries, subgenres within metal, and roles in terms of instrumentation. I already knew what to do! The Joys of Oppression: Fashion, gender and social rise in the early twentieth century. The portraits of the couturier: From defining what elegance is to a youthful appearance: Dressing up to be all this: Masculinity domination, local scenes and a contested authenticity.

This is not world for women? The Sonic Orchestration of a Cinema of Attractions: Historicity, retromania and reinvention of popular music. They had a violin player. They came from Portugal, Spain, and England. Their anarchy was poetic.

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Working with the iconic Rough Trade Records at its radical beginnings, they were the first group of punk women to actively call themselves feminists. Em , e a partir de um squat londrino, as Raincoats reinventaram o potencial do punk. Elas tinham um violinista. Elas vieram de Portugal, Espanha e Inglaterra.

Pelly baseia- se em materiais raros de arquivo e entrevistas extensas com as integrantes das Raincoats, dos Sleater-Kinney, das Bikini Kill, ds Hole, dos Scritti Politti, dos Gang of Four, e muitos mais. A decade later, and in the stark aftermath of a devastating storm, the band retreated to a 17th-century mansion house in the deracinated Sussex countryside to write their ninth studio album, Peepshow. How is each track a reflection of genre film?

Who are the various featured protagonists? Ultimately, Peepshow can be read as a soundtrack to all the films Siouxsie and the Banshees ever saw. Or perhaps it was the soundtrack to the greatest film they never made. Ou talvez tenha sido a banda sonora do maior filme que eles nunca fizeram. In Gina Birch and Ana da Silva met and formed The Raincoats and their journey has led them to becoming one of the most important underground bands Britain has ever produced. The Raincoats created a sound that, while inspired by punk and rock music that had come before was uniquely and uncompromisingly powerful and female, and which has held a fascination over all those lucky enough to have stumbled across it.

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  6. They seemed like ordinary people playing extraordinary music. Ana da Silva returns to her homeland bringing Gina Birch to this special moment of celebration of the underground, riot girl and DIY cultures with the decisive contribution of a Portuguese woman. In , 11 years after one of the most influential American punk bands, Jawbreaker, called it quits, the three members Blake Schwarzenbach, Chris Bauermeister, and Adam Pfahler reconnect in a San Francisco recording studio to listen back to their albums and even perform together one last time.

    This reissue also motivates the return to the stage: In , he founded the rock group GNR. In , formed with Jorge Lima Barreto the duo Telectu, group of improvised music and live electroacoustic. In , in an act of autodidactic determination, he devoted himself to the study of contemporary musical notation.

    His work is characterised by a variegated, embryonic post-modernism and an empiricist rejection of cultural confines, and reflects a transition from structured improvisation to strict composition.

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    Em , funda o grupo rock GNR. The arrival of punk caused an explosion of smallprint fanzines in Finland. During the period from — over a hundred fanzine titles began to be published. Altogether over fanzine issues were published by the fanzinisters who were inspired by punk.

    The exhibition consists of circa 20 blow-up posters from the fanzine pages. The beginning and spread of the phenomenon happened simultaneously with the spread of punk and the do it yourself -ethos. Technologically the rise of photocopying and office-sized off-set printers added fuel to the fire. The fanzines were mostly made by male fanzinisters. Less than ten titles were made by a female lead. Os fanzines punk foram art, and essays about popular culture and estilisticamente inspirados pelas revistas lifestyle. It was not uncommon that the anos de More common were editions from eram maioritariamente feitos por homens.

    The punk sobre a cultura popular e estilos de vida. Durante os anos practicing during the daytime and music de pico do movimento - de -, os events in the evenings. Tem continuado inspirados pelo punk. To deny this universal element of image construction may be regarded as a means to de- politicise the potential of montage posters to motivate collective action which is the central element to the anarcho-punk DIY ethic.

    DIY montage posters works around PUNK faced numerous challenges and resistance both internally and externally, that few other types of underground cultural production processes in the late twentieth century had to face in the archiving of its own history. Main feature works include: He co-founder Monad Journal since Os seus trabalhos mais relevantes incluem: It is used to denote both alternative and mainstream aspects of the urban culture, to talk about emerging creative boroughs and gentrification processes. In identification dynamics, the word is used to indicate either uniqueness or conformity.

    So what do these different meanings have in common? Hence my personal journey begins. This is a story of details and juxtapositions.

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