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Es un tema demasiado importante para que siga siendo ignorado. Cualquier persona puede preguntarse que' tiene que ver la e'tica con su vida. Digamos que la e'tica tiene TODA que ver con tu vida. Noii Lideri e-book. Te recomiendo leerlo por primera vez, desde el comienzo hasta el final, tomando apuntes, subrayando cosas que necesites cambiar o empezar a hacer. El tiempo no es infinito. The museum is an institution at the service of society and its development that researches, collects, documents, preserves and enhances the objects and elements of the cultural and natural, material and immaterial heritage of humanity.

Taking into account the constraints related to the environment and the communities, the museum institution plays a role of receptacle and professional diffuser of the diversity and the cultural richnesses. The museum institutions are bodies built by human beings with the mission of preserving everything that is culturally produced by humans, guaranteed, present and future of memory for future generations English.

The museum is a non-profit institution whose mission is to offer the public an access to the various aspects of the tangible and intangible heritage that it acquires, preserves, studies, exhibits as a depository and transmits it to future generations. A museum is a place either physical or virtual that provides safe and inclusive spaces to harbor human creations or objects of interest, to enforce confrontations, to enable encounters, to provide experiences, to convey knowledge, to connect to history, to provoke discourse, to shape a vision of the future, to reflect on tradition, to create meaning, to start journeys, to satisfy hunger for knowledge and wisdom, to distract from the status quo, to attract curiosity and open minds, to mirror current affairs, to tell stories, to gather people, to sooth and comfort those in need, to clash cultures, to agitate emotional responses and acts as a steward for cultural memories and heritage.

Based on the purpose of the institution and the level of organizational activity at the local, national or international level, The museum works for presenting, Development and exploitation of knowledge. A museum is a space for tangible or intangible heritage, which provides opportunities for knowledge transfer, and is open to the public.

It is the link between the past, present and future. It aims at the acquisition, documentation, preservation, research and management of cultures with respect and honor, so as to promote collective consciousness, interaction and unity in the human mind. Das Museum ist eine Open Source Community, in der die Menschen gemeinsam kompetenter, kreativer und kenntnisreicher warden. Es darf mit innovativen Formen der Demokratie, der Bildung und des Unternehmertums experimentieren.

Das Museum muss nicht nur das kritische Denken ausbilden, es muss das Denken verteidigen. The museum serves as the commons, as an assembly. The museum as a form of congregating has to empower the visitors and their community, offer them a space for knowledge exchange and learning, and develop new forms of collaboration with its public.

ISBN 13: 9789584102881

The museum is an open source community where people increase their competencies together, become more creative and knowledgeable. The museum — together with the citizens — evolves as a site of knowledge, empowerment and thought.

It can experiment with innovative democratic possibilities, new forms of acquiring knowledge, and a new type of entrepreneurship. Not only does the museum have to support critical thinking, it has to defend thought.

The museum is a nonprofit organization that seeks to establish itself as a sustainable communicator hub, entrusted in facilitating experiences, accessibility and inclusion from the different social actors. Throughout this process, the museum awakens and explores new ways of understanding by means of the living experience and the process of its construction. Een museum is een betrouwbaar, meerstemmig, kritisch, transparant, uitnodigend, spannend, aantrekkelijk en informatief instituut dat materieel, immaterieel en natuurlijk erfgoed verzamelt, bewaart, toont, contextualiseert en kritisch onderzoekt, ook in het licht van de koloniale herkomst van objecten en het gegeven dat geschiedenissen van veel sociale groepen en gemeenschappen verborgen of onderbelicht zijn.

Een museum is een contactzone die empathie, ontmoeting en nieuwsgierigheid stimuleert en die bezoekers stimuleert na te denken over hun plek in de wereld en in de geschiedenis en hun verantwoordelijkheid voor de planeet. A museum is a reliable, polyphonic, critical, transparent, inviting, exciting, attractive and informative institute that collects, preserves, displays, contextualises and critically examines material, immaterial and natural heritage, also in the light of the colonial origin of objects and the fact that histories of many social groups and communities are hidden or underexposed.

A museum is a contact zone that stimulates empathy, encounters and curiosity and that encourages visitors to think about their place in the world and in history and their responsibility for the planet. The museum is an institution destined to the critical appropriation of Heritage, created and sustained formally by a human group who look for developing themselves in a continuous construction of the Common Good. It is a place for the meeting between the present generations and their diverse heritages, always regarding the public exhibition of their collection, enriched with various complementary activities.

It is active memory that, in the area of their collections, seeks to interpret and commit to local and global sustainable growth, with all the respect to cultural diversity and with the interpellation of social inequalities. It is the most traditional practice of Museology, the discipline which discern and articulates its permanent functions of investigation, conservation, exposition and collective participation. A museum is a cultural institution with or without its own facilities that is part of society in the pursuit of its development and awareness, that within its activities could acquire, preserve, investigate, generate, transmit and expose the tangible and intangible heritage for education, research and enjoyment; as a reflection of humanity and its challenges in relation to the environment, from a critical, transparent and responsible approach through its actions.

The Museum is a collective and multidisciplinary institution, responsible for the conservation, study and sharing of cultural values. It contributes to the sustainable development of society, promotes the pleasure of knowledge and the well-being of the person and the community.

ISBN 13: 9789506412449

Museums are like moving planets. Museums change lives and community ties. The ideal museums are open and safe places in which different individuals and communities can interact by sharing and exchanging skills and knowledge. Museums are like kaleidoscopes. Crystals are the people, spaces and objects. Curators and visitors are moving them. For museums to become kaleidoscopes we need to keep on questioning English. Museums are dynamic institutions, working in active partnership with, and for, diverse communities to collect, preserve, research, interpret, exhibit and enhance understandings of the tangible and intangible world.

Museums address all aspects of the social, cultural and natural world in the past, present and future. They are safe communal and collaborative spaces — physical, virtual and conceptual — in which to explore ideas, share stories, educate, challenge assumptions and seek ethical, sustainable solutions to global problems. Today, we have a duty to use that legacy for the the benefit of all. Museums should be safe places for understanding to develop, challenging inequity, ignorance and arrogance. Is a place of engagement where communities comes into an active contact with their objects through shared authority with curators who are facilitators and not experts.

Such a museum should conserve and present objects informed by their biographical connections derived from narratives of source communities. A museum is a non-profit, social institution that collects, preserves, documents, researches, interprets and exhibits the tangible, and intangible heritage of humanity, without compromising its integrity. A museum also holds space for its people. It is a safe place for participatory social exchanges — to look, feel, imagine, contemplate, connect, converse, challenge and be challenged without being judged or discriminated.

It has to be inclusive and represent diverse perspectives for people to understand what humanity was, what humanity is, and what a better humanity could be. Muzeu grumbullon dhe pasqyron, analizon dhe shpreh gjithe permbajtjen historike te dualitetit universal njerezor-natyror. Muzeu ka mision kryesor ruajtjen dhe shperndajen, me metoda shkencore dhe paraqitje emocionale tek shoqeria njerezore. Ne plotesine e tij muzeu eshte balanca perfekte e paraqitjes se kohes midis te shkuares qe egziston dhe te ardhmes qe do te vije. A museum is a multidimensional space, created by human mankind in the service of society.

The museum collects and reflects, analyzes and expresses all the historical contents of the universal human-nature duality. The museum has the main mission of preserving and distributing, with scientific methods and emotional presentation to society. In its completeness the museum is the perfect balance of time concept, between the past that exists and the future that will come.

Produsul metabolic al acestui organism este reprezentat de reconfigurarea valorilor unor obiecte sau fenomene. The metabolic product of this organism is the reconfiguration of the values of some objects or phenomena. Las personas intersexuales existen. El Fondo fue creado en para atender la falta de apoyo para activistas y comunidades intersexuales, y este reporte ha sido creado con y por muchas de esas personas activistas que encabezan la lucha.

En solidaridad, J. Lxs activistas intersexuales ahora hacen un llamado a los fondos para que se involucren con organizaciones intersexuales y las apoyen en la lucha por visibilidad, para ayudar a aumentar su capacidad y afirmar los derechos humanos de las personas intersexuales. Dada la evidente necesidad de invertir en el movimiento intersexual y las oportunidades florecientes de nuevas asociaciones, se les exhorta a los fondos a que:.

Estas son las clases de preguntas con las que las personas intersexuales se encuentran a diario. Estos asuntos impactan las vidas diarias de individuos intersexuales, a menudo desde su nacimiento y a lo largo de toda su vida. El objetivo de este reporte es resaltar el estado del movimiento intersexual y brindar recomendaciones para el apoyo por parte de fondos donantes y otros actores.

Se pueden identificar como lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, queer, heterosexuales o asexuales, entre otras posibilidades. Se pueden identificar como hombres o mujeres, ambxs o ningunx. Convocatoria de los miembros de intersexioni, Italia. Las personas intersexuales han recibido diferentes nombres en una variedad de culturas y a lo largo de la historia.

Strategy is the New Currency for Growth in Healthcare Human Resources

Estas alianzas pueden ayudar a elevar las voces y las preocupaciones de las personas intersexuales. Esta clase de apoyo ha sido vital, particularmente para grupos como OII Europa , que fue fundada durante el segundo foro intersexual internacional en Alrededor del mundo, las personas intersexuales enfrentan violaciones de derechos humanos que son generalizadas y duran toda una vida. Estos incluyen:. En , el relator especial sobre la tortura y otros tratos y penas crueles, inhumanas y degradantes, Juan E. Para los individuos intersexuales que se identifican con su sexo asignado, esto no necesariamente presenta una dificultad—aunque algunas personas intersexuales sufren violaciones relacionadas con no ser reconocidas por su sexo legal.