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We believe that the process of reaching a goal may be just as personally fulfilling and meaningful as actually attaining the goal itself.

While traditional coaching tends to deal only with the present and the future, Goal Imagery coaching takes into account the fact that most of our present and future challenges are based on our past experiences, on our culture, and on the way we were brought up. Goal Imagery provides the tools to re-evaluate, to readjust, and to reframe past experiences, to make achieving success and happiness easier in the future. I: Since your training deals with the subconscious and emotion, does that mean you cross over a little bit into therapy?

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Having said that, I always tell my clients and explain to my new students that you can be therapeutic without doing therapy. You can use therapeutic techniques and create a therapeutic experience without going into actual therapy. I: As someone who has played a major role in the development of an award-winning New York City chapter of the International Coach Federation—and you served twice as the President—and as someone who is very active on a global level, how important is it to be part of the coaching community?

Coaching is a constantly evolving profession—we never stand still. For those people who have difficulty getting out of the house—you can utilize the Internet.

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You can get on your computer, and if you belong to a large organization, you can constantly be a part of that evolving community. For instance, as a transformational coach I deal mostly with life and career challenges. When someone needs to understand their finances better, I would probably refer them to a coach with a financial background. What is the general attitude now toward ICF accreditation, both for coaches and for people who are looking to hire one? As a matter of fact, that question and that answer feeds into marketing for coaching: What are your credentials?

What do you have to offer? How are you going to help your clients? Do you have a specific message that can relate your talents and skills? ML: Of course. However, just to read them is one thing, but to live them as a coach within a session is a very different thing. I: For about five years you were the creator and executive producer of Life Coach TV, a popular primetime cable show that helped the ICF in New York City greatly increase its membership along with public awareness of coaching.

It also served as a model for other ICF chapters in the United States to create their own local shows. Where did you get the fantastic idea to create the show? ML: When I initially joined the New York City ICF Board of Directors—which was in —there was very little awareness of coaching outside of skill sets such as sports coaching, acting coaching, and so on.

There was a need to introduce the idea of life coaching to the general public.

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As a board director, I felt it was my responsibility to bring all of my resources to the table. One of those resources was my acting background. As a Screen Actors Guild SAG professional actress and theater director, I knew about production, how to conduct an effective interview, and how to create an interesting and informative show that could benefit not only the chapter, but the coaching industry as a whole.

The show dramatically helped in almost doubling our ICF-NYC membership—and it provided an opportunity for our coaches to connect with the general public and share what they knew, how they coached, about their coaching style, and about their coaching niche. All of this really increased the awareness of coaching by the general public, and specifically in New York City. I: What a great testament to your work. What advice can you give someone trying to decide which coaching school to choose, and what are some key questions to ask when interviewing a school?

Coaching Philosophy: Every school has its own approach and a specific coaching philosophy. You need to be in sync with that coaching philosophy if you want to become part of it. Method of Training: Next you have to decide for yourself if you want to be trained on the phone or in person, or using a combination of these two methods. Budget vs. Costs: What is your budget for your training? When you interview a school, you must ask what is included in their quoted price, because I notice that many schools charge extra for things like exams, certification, and learning materials.

All of that adds up.


Also, if you have to travel somewhere, that also adds to your cost. There may even be an extra charge for some courses when you want to get their full training and become certified. These costs are often not included in the advertised price you see on the Web site. Your cost may sometimes even double from what you think it will be.

Instructors and Class Sizes: Consider who your teacher will be and how many people are going to be in each class. In coach training, small classes are critical.

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If possible, I would recommend that you arrange a time to have a conversation with the actual person who teaches the course, not just with the receptionist or with someone who handles sales for the training. In fact the opposite may be true depending on a number of factors. Find out what the school actually offers in terms of how big or how small the classes are, who is teaching each class, etc. Alumni Support: What does a school offer in terms of follow up and support? Is there any marketing help for their coaches?

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Are they going to consistently support you when you are done with your training? I think these are important questions to keep in mind and to ask. ML: When I opened up my coaching training course, of course, like every other business person, I wanted to be competitive with other schools that offered similar services, so I was trying to understand the pricing for a similar amount of hours and training.

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It was the most confusing research because of that problem. ML: Every friend, every colleague I had told me I was crazy. They were telling me there were so many coaching schools, why would I want to add one more? Full of determination and energy, I came to the United States from the former Soviet Union in with broken English, empty pockets and a mother who was unable to work because of health issues.

If you feel that something is missing in your life, I can help you connect the dots and find meaning If something gets you stuck and you feel stressed and frustrated, I can help you understand what it is that really bothers you and how to handle it effectively. And, if you are looking for Mr. I'm recognized as a pioneer in tapping the subconscious power of emotions and imagination for achieving individual and organizational goals; am honored to be the first coach and hypnotist invited by the Smithsonian Institution to speak on these topics to their audiences; and have designed and taught numerous courses at New York University.

Please visit my websites -- www. Click here for my full bio. Click here for the list of CDs. This month I'm on the cover of Insight Magazine. Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and many other luminaries have graced the cover of this magazine. And now me!