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With costs in Zicatela rising, La Punta is still more budget in both accommodation and food.

Michelle and Reesa Write

Good wine options, and main courses were generous. Their guacamole also very tasty. We were two, but the meal was easily enough to fill four people. You can choose between oregano and butter, or parsley, garlic and lime. Or do as we did and go half and half. This was a nighttime shot with my phone, but it shows just how big a fish you get. Fish is whatever catch of the day was hauled in, super fresh. They are served with refried beans, some totopo chips, and a side of tortillas. For those who eat bread, the restaurant has an on-site bakery that friends swear is worth the trip.

Wonderful views, delicious guacamole and a really beautiful space. And chicken, lots and lots of chicken.

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To get there from Zicatela you can grab a taxi. If a daytime visit, you can walk back along the beach but I would not recommend it during the evening. El Sultan on Zicatela. The restaurant is cheap, offers falafal, hummous, salads, and for those who can eat bread lots of pan arabe pita for sopping up any leftovers on your plate. I stayed at Bungalows Zicatela , which I booked via an online site.

The place has two pools, a restaurant, and really lovely staff with a dog named Pancho. For a laid back barefoot vibe, Hostal Frutas y Verduras was recommended by readers. While it looks like an easy trip from from Oaxaca City , the drive requires a small bus hours over the mountains.

The road is not so easy. The mountainous stretch from the city to the coast includes the continental divide, meaning that rivers flow both toward the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. If you get carsick, you might want to fly.

I opened for the flight for that reason. The flights take place at dawn and offer an incredible scenic view of the rolling mountains in Oaxaca State, as well as that smile-inducing time when the plane curves back over the ocean to gain height for the return. What is a drive is a 26 minute scenic flight. From elsewhere in North America , you can fly to Huatulco, 1. Thus concludes my short Puerto Escondido guide!

Oaxaca Journal , by Oliver Sacks. This book is his journal from the trip, about the culture he comes into contact with, about chocolate and history and Zapotec ruins. In his characteristic, entertaining style, he combines natural curiosity with fascinating exploration. Really loved this book. Instead, start with her Essential Cuisines, covering the different foods of this culinarily complex country, recipes and history built into one book.

Instead of a classic guidebook, opt for this thorough cultural guide to Mexico, now in its 14th edition. From planning trips, bargaining, cultural fiestas and taboos, and a lot more, this book is a thorough resource for even the more experiences wanderers. All that seafood…omg! Looks amazing! Oaxaca is still super high on my travel wish list, hoping I can make it happen in the next year.

La Escondida Hostel, Puerto Escondido, Mexico -

Great post. I picked it up as a funny s hippie view of the country, I had no idea it was still being published and updated! My wife and I went to Puerto Escondido to visit friends a few years ago. We highly recommend taking a sightseeing boat tour, the variety of sea life we saw was amazing: a half-dozen sea turtles copulating, dozens of dolphins, a whale, even a manta ray.

Playa Carrillazo was great for me, since the shaded beach and water protects me from my very rational fear of sunburn. The bus from Mexico City is one of those plush overnight buses you find in Mexico with drawn shades and bed-like seats and even includes a small meal.

In retrospect, I would have totally taken a plane had I known it was an option. Thanks for sharing! The plane was super fun :. Hi Virginia, you can take a bigger bus from Oaxaca to the coast and then transfer to Puerto Escondido. This takes longer as the bus goes around the mountains.

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I have never been more carsick than the minibus ride from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido—I would have paid obscene amounts of money to be flown there by halfway through the ride. You definitely made the right choice by taking the plane! Ack, sorry to hear that! Reminded me of the description of the drive from Chiang Mai to Pai, which I was basically throwing up during the entire trip… so I happily chose the flight ;.

Awesome guide! I live in Puebla and have been wanting to make a trip to Puerto Escondido for over a year now. Glad it was helpful.

If Wishes Were Coffee

Agreed that a lot of the info is in conflict…. Hope you enjoy if you do visit! Beautiful article! I went to Puerto Escondido last year and I fell in love instantly. It was an exhilarating experience and well worth the money. I like Carizalillo, it is small, gorgeous, and not too crowded.

I would love to visit it again. Great article and pictures. I can see why you love the place.

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Interested to know approximate prices for meals, rents, groceries and overall costs to stay. Great photos and even a better write-up. Thanks for including the safety note — I find a lot of writers often forget to add these which is important for foreign visitors when writing about slightly dodgy travel attraction areas back here at home in South Africa!

Swimmable beaches are a challenge and you have mentioned the small handful available but I would add one more: Playa Bacocho. Do you think a rental car is necessary while staying in Puerto Escondido?