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This book is a translation of German versions of both Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. The introductions to each play place these versions of Shakespeare's plays in the German context, and offer insights into what we can learn about the original texts from these translations. English itinerant players toured in northern continental Europe from the s. Their repertories initially consisted of plays from the London theatre, but over time the players learnt German, and German players joined the companies, as a result of which the dramatic texts were adapted and translated into German.

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A number of German plays now extant have a direct connection to Shakespeare. The ghost comes and beckons Hamlet away from his friends. Old Hamlet's ghost tells Hamlet what happened to him. Hamlet promises revenge, and swears his friends to secrecy. Polonius sends Reynaldo to spy on Laertes to see if he has any vices.

Ophelia reports that Hamlet is behaving strangely. Members of the court try to understand Hamlet's mood. The actors arrive.

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Hamlet plots a device to test Claudius' guilt. Claudius and Polonius send Ophelia to Hamlet, and overhear them talk.

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Hamlet seems to scorn her. Hamlet has the actors perform "The Mousetrap," a play that reflects Claudius' crimes. Claudius leaves in a rage. Claudius plots to get Hamlet out of Denmark. Polonius plans to eavesdrop on Hamlet's conversation with Gertrude. Hamlet kills Polonius, and urges Gertrude to repent.

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Old Hamlet's ghost comes back and spurs on Hamlet's vengeance. Claudius asks Gertrude where Hamlet is. She tells him that Hamlet has killed Polonius. Gentlemen ask Hamlet where he has put Polonius' body. Hamlet replies in a way they cannot understand. Claudius asks Hamlet where Polonius' body is.

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Claudius tells Hamlet that he is being sent to England. Hamlet comes across the army of Fortinbras as he marches to attack Poland. Hamlet questions the point of the war. Ophelia has gone insane. Having raised a rebellious army, Laertes demands to know how his father died. A servant gives Horatio a letter from Hamlet about the attack on his ship, which prevented him from reaching England. Hamlet returns to Denmark.

Laertes and Claudius plan to kill Hamlet in a duel. Gertrude announces Ophelia's death.

Hamlet discusses mortality with a gravedigger. Ophelia is buried.

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Hamlet and Laertes fight over her grave. Hamlet and Laertes duel, fatally wound each other, and reconcile before death. Gertrude dies. Hamlet kills Claudius.

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