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I just saw some scenes.

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But it was not fair, I thought. Such a man, one should be proud of, deserves more from me I have to read one of his books, not only listen to him in his rare touching TV appearances. And I did it. This young man believes in the power of the words and he is right.

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There are so many beautiful pages and thoughts in this book! Gomorrah was and it was quite successful in the USA. Articles and reports. Stories and editorials. Work that, to me, hasn't simply been work. It coincided with life itself. If someone hoped that living in such a difficult situation might induce me to hide my words, they were wrong.

I didn't hide them, I didn't lose them. But this has made it a fight, a daily fight, a silent punch-up fighting, like a shadow fight. To write, not to renounce my words, has meant not to lose myself. Not to surrender. Not to despair. The title of this book means a simple thing. It just wants to remind that , on one hand , we have freedom and beauty, necessary for those who write and live; on the other hand, their opposite, their negation: the hell which always seem to prevail. To close this preface, Saviano quotes Giovanni Falcone who said that "like any human phenomenon mafia too must get to an end".

Then a series of beautiful writings and articles follows in which Saviano tells us about Miriam Makeba, Lionel Messi, Enzo Biagi, Peppino Impastato 's mother, Joe Pistone or the real Donnie, Ana Politkovskaja; of his experience at Cannes Festival where the movie Gomorrah was acclaimed; of his being invited at the Swedish Academy for the Nobel Prize Ceremony with Salman Rushdie; about his faith in the power of words.

Words that can unhinge reality, oppose any form of power, witness the certainty that the truth exists, despite everything. View 1 comment. Che fine ha fatto il giornalismo? Non cronaca pura e semplice, non racconto letterario e basta, ma giornalismo vivo come questo. Vollmann, Frank Che fine ha fatto il giornalismo? Il potere della parola, la parola che fa della storia di uno la storia di tutti, di parole raccolte in un libro e destinate a tramutarsi in qualcosa che duri. Attraverso le storie di personaggi veri, attraverso la sua storia, traccia un percorso netto e riconoscibile del suo impegno.

Una vita all'insegna della "bellezza" e dell' "inferno", che, come ama ricordare citando Camus, "ha un tempo solo, la vita un giorno ricomincia". Yet, it was not tempting to read and wasn't interesting a bit. It was like "alright, blah-blah-mafia, Mammos and so. I just read.

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It was slow, very not emotional nor touching, and I could not complete the read, very sadly, I nearly fell asleep after the first pages. It just felt so wrong to me, to read this kind of book. And I don't know why. I am usually a novella type, but I did read and enjoyed other kinds of books. I really do, but still there was nothing good about the book. Which is bad because the summary on the backcover seemed kinda nice, and my father also wanted me to read it, as a recommendation from a friend.

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  4. Didn't work for me, does not mean it would not work for you! Moving and inspirational. Andare per mercatini e cercare libri riserva di solito due costanti e, raramente, qualche sorpresa. Le mode salgono e scendono, un anno tutti comprano la Meyer, un paio d'anni dopo la trilogia Andare per mercatini e cercare libri riserva di solito due costanti e, raramente, qualche sorpresa. Vantaggio per me, che li trovo quasi gratis. Si disillude chi credeva che sapesse solo di mafia e mafie.

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    Sa quello che vuole dire, sa raccontare le persone, le atmosfere, le situazioni. Gli faremmo torto a compatirlo. Limitiamoci a leggerlo. Tra queste pagine si sente l'odore del potere delle case editrici, un libro obbligato, insomma. Da leggere, forse. Ma senza troppe pretese.

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    Que un escritor te cuente con una magnifica prosa en ensayos novelados lo mas asqueroso y bello de nuestra naturaleza, no tiene precio. Non basta non delinquere o trasgredire le leggi o le regole Beauty and the Inferno is a collection of essays by Roberto Saviano, an author of Italian origin who is best known for the book and subsequent film about organized crime in southern Italy called Gomorrah. This work - a play on words of "Camorra", a criminal organization based in Naples - sent the young writer into hiding indefinitely. Yet despite constant movement from place to place and unending concern about attempts on his life, he continues to write important work; in the opening pages, he Beauty and the Inferno is a collection of essays by Roberto Saviano, an author of Italian origin who is best known for the book and subsequent film about organized crime in southern Italy called Gomorrah.

    Yet despite constant movement from place to place and unending concern about attempts on his life, he continues to write important work; in the opening pages, he claims that his writing is as essential to his continued existence as air.

    Saviano is ever on the move, yet he describes each place he inhabits as being the same confining walls - his impressive travel itinerary includes neither museums nor cathedrals, nor restaurants nor quaint trattorias, for any public appearance announces his location to his would-be assassins.

    His only companions are his stoic, nearly silent bodyguards. He gets so accustomed to the interminable solitude that at the private reception for his movie - which involved a room full of about 20 people of the cast and crew, all individuals that he knew well - sent him into an anxiety attack. He felt exposed.

    The Years of Alienation in Italy

    Unable to remember how to be normal in social situations. I thought what a stifling life this must be, yet he managed to indict me as I sat in my comfortable chair in my comfortable home in my relatively safe city. He asks whether living a cosy, peaceful life is moral when there is so much suffering in the world; how can one do nothing to uncover corruption and injustice simply because it is inconvenient?

    He asserts that he has done nothing brave, only what his conscience demanded that he do. He insists this is not virtue but responsibility. I shifted uneasily in my chair, took an awkward sip of wine, and felt very thankful that there are people in the world like Roberto Saviano. As expected, there are many essays in Beauty and the Inferno that deal with organized crime in Italy and all of the business, political, and societal implications thereof.

    For me, the most eye-opening essay was the one about the recent earthquake in Abruzzo, my grandmother's birthplace. Apparently the building industry has ties to the Camorra. This includes the concrete industry, and there is a lot of money to be made off of government contracts. A few ringleaders get quite rich by rebuilding with concrete, converting beautiful piazzas and ancient stone into drab, soviet-looking, monochromatic, soulless blocks.

    These men then buy themselves beautiful homes in the Veneto, soaking up Italy's rich aesthetic heritage while others lose theirs in the rubble. It is not surprising that the long arm of organized crime, which now has interests and connections on almost every continent, can stretch even to the north though my grandmother tended to pretend that all of that "bad stuff" happened in the south , yet it is distressing that the rebuilding effort in stricken areas can be so easily co-opted.

    There is more to this book than mafia intrigue. Within these pages, Mr. Saviano also writes a succinct biography of soccer virtuoso Messi, discusses how boxing is salvation for youths in southern Italy, describes the death of Anna Politkovskaya, meets Miriam Makeba, Salman Rushdie, and, most poignantly, Joseph Pistone, i. Each essay exhibits profound pathos, and the writing style echoes even in translation a certain music that makes me lament that I cannot currently read these pieces in their original Italian.

    Roberto Saviano has done excellent work as a teacher as well as that of an artist, for though he takes his subjects from this earth, he manages to transfigure the quotidian into the sublime. Jun 05, Miles rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviews. The first book in the Lightbringer series, the blockbuster fantasy epic from international bestseller Brent Weeks Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world. Brett 'Weeks has a style of immediacy and detail that pulls the reader relentlessly into the story.

    He doesn't allow you to look away' Robin Hobb 'I was mesmerised from start to finish. Daniel Arenson. A dream. A prayer.

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