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Ein Gedanke, ein Wunsch, ein Wille von Hunderttausenden. Der letzte Tag der Fahrt. Menschen, Hurras. Die Deutschlandfahrer sind kaum mehr weiterzubringen. Wer kennt so was in Berlin? Es ist ein Tollhaus der Begeisterung, was uns umgibt. Die rettende Absperrung des Zielhauses hinter Gartengittern nimmt mich auf.

Photographen, Kinographen, Offizielle.

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Der Kilometerfresser: Film di viaggio in Europa degli anni venti. Plus CD. Verlag Giunti. Die Autorin und ihr Leut. Das Motorrad nannten sie "Satanella", den Seitenwagen "Plus one". dictionary :: Schlafbursche :: German-English translation

Buch : Across Europe With Satanella. Keine Karten.

Satanella war das erste britische Motorrad in der Sowjetunion. GB- Italy- GB. By the age of 15, she had left school and was apprenticed to a milliner a maker of hats. Between she was one of several women employed by the British motorcycle industry to make long and difficult journeys across Britain and Europe. These trips were used to generate publicity for the products through press coverage and public appearances at motorcycle dealerships along the route. Gwendoline Adams specialised in solo trips through Europe, at a time when roads were poor and a battle-scarred continent was undergoing major political changes.

In she travelled from Britain, across the Alps, to Venice, and in undertook a major journey to Spain - travelling from London to Gibraltar. In she settled in Barcelona and established an English school, with the intention of improving the level of education for local children. In the eyes of the UK law, therefore, she had now taken on the nationality of her husband, and was entitled to no aid from the British government should anything go wrong abroad.


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On the outbreak of war in , Gwendolyn Adams de Puertas left teaching and joined the Red Cross , one of several aid agencies that she would work with during the conflict. A major part of her work during the Spanish Civil War was acting as a liaison officer between the Asistencia Social the Republican government department of welfare and the International Solidarity Fund , which required regular travel between Spain, France and the UK. The International Solidarity Fund supplied tens of thousands of pounds worth of aid - medical supplies, food and clothing - paid for through contributions from national trade union organisations and political parties affiliated to the International Federation of Trade Unions and Labour and Socialist International including the Trades Union Congress and Labour Party.

As the war ended in Spain, Gwendolyn Adams de Puertas and her husband joined the exodus of refugees crossing the French border.

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  4. Once in France she continued to work to provide housing, food and clothing for the exiled Spaniards and, on the outbreak of the Second World War, helped to evacuate women and children away from Paris and the Maginot line to the south of France. Gwendolyn Adams de Puertas returned to Spain with a Red Cross convoy in an attempt to reclaim the property and obtain political guarantees that would allow her husband to follow. Despite having no affiliation to the Communist Party, she was arrested in early November, several days after arriving in Figueras, on the charges of having spied for the "Reds", produced Communist propaganda, and associated with leading "Red" personalities including the equally non-Communist President of Catalonia, Lluis Companys.

    Pressure from leading figures in the British labour movement led to the British government overlooking the fact that Mrs Adams de Puertas was no longer legally a British citizen, and the British Ambassador was instructed to unofficially lobby the Spanish authorities for her release. Finally, after nine months in four different prisons, she was released and could leave Spain.

    Throughout most of this period she was separated from her husband, who remained in Perpignan, a key centre in the south of France for Spanish Republican exiles. Gwendolyn Adams de Puertas resumed her work with Spanish refugees once the Second World War was over, and during the first half of started to train Spanish women, based in London, in welfare work. Her teaching was interrupted in September , when she returned to Perpignan to care for her husband, who was then seriously ill with tuberculosis. The last document about Spain that was sent by her to the Trades Union Congress is an appeal, dated June and sent from Perpignan, to support an investigation into the living conditions of the many exiled Spaniards including children in the area.

    Modern Records Centre online sources include: correspondence and reports relating to her work with Asistencia Social and the International Solidarity Fund; letters relating to her imprisonment in , including appeals for help from her husband; curriculum vitae written in , when she was applying to the Home Office for her 'Aliens Certificate' to be cancelled. Undigitised sources at the Modern Records Centre include: press cutting, , included in cuttings book of the Motor Cycle Association, [document reference: MSS.

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    See her booklet-datas under www. Published: Motocillismo in Italy That means a high average per day in those times. Both were married and their husbands normally would not allow o travel on a motorcycle without them. On the way they had to pay several times Maut. Purpose : from today to tomorrow with the sister. Route : First day: Wien Laibach km. Third day: Knin visiting friends. Fourth day: Zara. In a storm "Bora" the front-tire broke.

    So now Sophia noticed her mistake to ride without a tire in reserve. In the rain and on the rim of the front wheel they rode 36 kms to Tijesno. The rim did not have any mistake then. Fifths day: They had to wait because the new tire had to be ordered in Spallato.

    He was delivered by motorcycle. His mother allowed him to travel in the scool-holdidays to Sweden. Many different editions. He was 80 years. He wrote 30 books 28 published. Egon wrote this book as a novel to make more tension. He was himself the one who travelled in with 22 years smoe months to Sweden. The Wachsmuth-Motorcycle was in reality a Wanderer-Motorrad. He started first travels in by bicycle and in with motorcycles. With a Glas-scooter after the war to the Riviera. On travelled at this time without stoplight. Wonderful feelings with open shirts.

    Winter- Touren in Skandinavien. Und in Alaska. Alles, was ich dazu heute Er versuchte wohl auch im Winter mit dem Motorrad zum Nordkapp kommen, aber es gelang ihm wohl nicht. Die Asphaltstrassen waren wohl noch nicht bis ganz oben fertig. Leider ist er verstorben. Italian and Pal Cester born-name??.??. Italian The "MOTO" was a great passion; has allowed us to get out of a world s that is too closed to modern art and to naturalistic thinking by expanding and forming our minds. In the following years small trips with the BMW trasported in the van. If you are interested in other photos, can we share them on facebook?

    A warm greeting from the Venetian environment Gianpietro and Pal Und der Zusammenhalt zwischen Reise-Freunden wuchs. Und eigene Survival-Trainings im Winter anbot. Gekauft hat er leider nichts, aber das Wissen vertiefte sich. Und wir haben bis heute guten Kontakt! Zuerst schlief man draussen im Zelt. Bericht von B.

    Tesch geschrieben. Und beide am Wie toll! Kennst Du eine solche? Hast Du einzelne Artikel? Bericht von Bernd Tesch geschrieben. Sten Vondrak in Norwegen auf dem Weg zum Nordkap. German, born North Cape. Fast driving with spikes on ice. Real wintertime!

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    Invitation by Norwegian people. Camping in the snow with tent. Put your toothpaste inside you jacket! Am Nordkap war ich dreimal.