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Later, Mr. Nobody escaped from the painting with the help of four members of his new Brotherhood: Agent "!

They stole the bicycle of Albert Hofmann, and used its lysergic resonance to power Mr Nobody's presidential campaign" I swear, Grant Morrison is the only person I know of with the imaginative chops to successfully stay ahead of our current reality. I may have to start watching that one They went full on for the Grant Morrison-esque weird-ass Doom Patrol. Which shows some kind of fortitude by TV execs somewhere. Mr Nobody is the main villain, one of the characters was Danny — a gender queer teleporting street, etc.

I prefer reading to watching and will definitely put Doom Patrol on my list. But here's what they're doing on the show. This video clearly shows how the batmobile appears and disappears. Neil W Anyway I agree with you, much as Glasgow is the best model for Gotham City that Scotland has to offer, if you wanted an old money aristocrat in a city with spectacular and gothic architecture to brood on and dive off, Edinburgh's your place. The comic book Gotham City is a much darker place than the real New York.

But compare the UK of V for Vendetta to the real thing. There's no reason to think that a Glasgow that spawned Batman and the Joker wouldn't be a much darker place than the real Glasgow. Charlie Stross I encountered vector and matrix arithmetic at age At that age, I think the brain is still plastic enough that they are easy.

Binary led to truth tables, because truth tables can show you how transistor switches work and from there Set Theory shows you how to connect the transistors together to make logic gates. And as everybody should know, "logic gates" are the fundamental building blocks of computers. I think this was just about the time someone at Texas Instruments patented the first prototype "Integrated Circuit" chip.

This was , just after the Soviets beat the U.

Hellier: Episode 1 - The Midnight Children

The Ford Foundation gave the city of Durham, NC where I was growing up a grant to run an enrichment summer school for gifted and talented students. It was also the year my father was first appointed to the City School Board, so I became gifted and talented got to spend the summer going to school while all my friends were doing kids summer fun stuff [1].

Still, it was really a lot of fun. The highlight of summer was a field trip over to the University of North Carolina where they allowed us to all pile into the visitors gallery and look through the windows down at the Math Department's new Univac computer. But all good things come to an end, and there was no money to continue the program after that first summer, so we all got dumped back into the "normal" system of math education, i. I didn't encounter matrices again until the mids when there was a big push on to train as many programmers as possible to attack the Y2K problem. Because I had learned it young, I had an easier time picking it up the second time around.

I found out some years later that the reason I sucked at sports was because I was almost half-way to being legally blind and no one thought to have my eyes examined. Without my glasses, I can see the big letter 'E' at the top of the eye chart and that's about it.

Jim hamill the apple tree song

I got big ol' Buddy Holly birth-control glasses just in time to fuck up puberty for me. Might have been after I lost interest in comic books in the early 80s. It was a joke, though on second thoughts I'm not entirely sure myself I remember it as being jet-powered, with a rather unconvincing exhaust flame effect Batwoman came in about ten years ago I think, after my bat-comic days.

She made a live action TV appearance when Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl crossed over at the end of last year, and apparently there will be a TV series later this year, though until it actually appears on a screen take that with a pinch of salt. Indeed, particularly given my ongoing contention that Tim Tams are reminiscent of the fruit of a cross between the other two. Anyway, my comment at 73 was more about the mutual attraction between Batman and Catwoman started in that period and between Bruce and Selina both being canon than to the separate character Batwoman.

Neither is there any canon relationship between Penguin and Catwoman other than an occasional professional one. Actually having just re-read the OP, I'd suggest that the best thing to do about food in a Radisson RED is probably ask for an outside restaurant recommendation. Funny co-incidence, I was also 17 when I read this book by Hofstadter. Its discussion of quines is probably the main background I had to draw on when I read Ken Thompson on trusting trust. This is screaming for a spoof HR manual, complete with pay scales, grades with roles and responsibilities , performance appraisal guidelines, and some hints about Performance Improvement Programs for the differerent grade.

Not to forget stack ranking, and of course in any truly Evil organization the only exit is six feet under. Like the Tough Guide to Fantasyland, but for supervillains. The main risk is that it would then be adopted by Certain Organisations, with the job titles changed but little else.

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I found it so irritating that I couldn't read it. Of course, I did start with a fair knowledge of those topics. Wasn't there an episode of the Simpsons where Homer becomes a henchman for an evil genius who uses modern management methods? I am so not going to post the pitch I worked up for my creator-owned supervillain comic, set in a small, depressed town mostly famous for exporting Mooks those mirrorshade-wearing, boiler-suited interchangeable minions that the likes of James Bond and Superman make short work of.

But one of the plot lines involves the city council's joy, followed by horror, when they learn that a new Mad Scientist is moving into town: first, "lots of jobs! Happy times are here again! What, he's going to use it to manufacture Igors, made-in-America Igors, anchor baby Igor clones?!?

Relativism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

A really large organisation has so many grades. Whaich by my count is Yeah, but most of them would be contractors. You don't think a supervillain is going to abuse the gig economy? Mind you, off the top of my head I'd say some of the structures of Rule 34 and Halting State were pretty gig economesque. I think I've seen some short parody of such, but I can't remember when or where. A quick search doesn't show it. Been done. While looking for an HR guide for supervillians, I found Amazon offering several on being a supervillan. He can hear me? Hate this. They'll start as villain, henchman not as smart, but thinks he's ok, and will make them both rich and minion nothing higher than a 9 in the deck.

As they move up from villain to supervillain, they'll start hiring management henchpersons with stock options and fancy titles, but low salaries, or on commission , and minions for them to run. Of course, if you start out on your path of supervillainy as a billionaire, you either run the high-class MBA route, or you start loosing money, by, say, laundering money by buying a money-loosing golf course in Ireland I always assumed that most bat-villains were just doing what they loved putting on masks, murdering people, maybe stealing diamonds or running an underworld club and regular criminals, rather than tangle with a maniac who tortures people to death with fast food condiments, offer to be their gang for protection from the supervillain of course, but also the bat-guy and those weirdos in clown makeup.

They get to carry on with their dayjobs of theft and drug dealing, and once every few months have to join in a themed heist of some sort. Maybe supervillains get started because they're afraid of Real Mobsters[1], and so figure that by going so outside-the-box and over the top that the Real Mob won't bother them, but, if not respect them, stay far away "we're just crooks, and want to get rich, we're not out of our fuckin' minds".

It she'd only put on spandex and armor, she could have kept them out of it The old villainsupply. It resurfaced after a while as villainsource. When I chat with other supervillains, they often ask me, "What kind of benefits do you offer your underlings? It's benefit enough that I allow them the honor of serving me, before I casually kill them off! Benefits, my ass! Any time one of those idiots annoys me, I kill him -- imagine if I had to pay for burials! I'd go broke! That's why I keep man-eating boars, for crying out loud. Even the bikini girls by the lagoon have to pay their own dental.

What am I, a charity? I assume you mean this. Muffed the HTML again.

enter Evil Overlord Rules. Actually, I forgot Local government very excited, does some BoE calculations, comes up with estimates of tens of thousands of jobs. Much negotiating around "if the government could just build a railway and a port, think of the jobs" later, it turns out all the jobs are for robots. The videogame No One Lives Forever had an absurdly humorous scene in which heroine Cate Archer hides in an office corridor, trying to evade henchmen from two separate Bond-villain type organizations. If figuring out Cate's next move took too long, you then had to hear a dialogue between henchmen comparing benefit packages their employers offered, with a free dental plan being the clincher convincing one thug to switch teams.